Two examples about infusion and immersion approach.(reflection5)

Infusion Approach

Students will first work on a problem for ten minutes, and then a 20 minute context-situated lesson will be presented. After the lesson, students will continue to work on the problem for 20 more minutes, and finally the researcher will bring the session to a closure by reviewing general principles and by providing students with feedback on their performance.

Immersion Approach

Students will first engage in a problem-solving activity for 15 minutes, and then they will be asked to reflect on their critical thinking process for 20 minutes. After the interview, the students will continue to work on the problem for 15 more minutes.



Thinking about your thinking (Reflection 4)

In my last paragraph I mentioned about thinking and now I want to say something about thinking one’s thinking that is familiar to us which we have talked the issue on our class is meta-cognitive skills.

Firstly, I can not get a good comprehension about this concept and I also can’t distinguish it with cognitive skills. Then our teacher explained it like this: in your life when you try to finish some work, you may construct your own ways for completing your task and then there are some steps will come in your brain to guide you finish your work. We called these steps cognitive skills. But how you get these steps? How you know you can do things like this or that way? So, that is meta-cognitive skills! It helps you to plan, administrate, construct and so on. That is why we explain it as think about your own thinking.

Thinking is already hard for us to describe in details so thinking one’s own thinking is more difficult for us to understand and operate. Thus we should learn more about how to develop our meta-cognitive skills, furthermore we can make our life effectively because we get to know the best way for all kinds of problems solving and we also achieve it in a high speed than others who do not acquire the meta-cognitive skills well.

Thinking! (reflection3)

Thinking, what is thinking? We do not talk about this issue before, because it’s such a natural thing that happen to our daily life so we never thought about that what is thinking and how we think? Without thinking people can do nothing, which mean we achieve everything must depend on our thinking.

  According to some related source, they define it as a mental process. And the best definition I prefer is that thinking is the mental manipulation of sensory input and recalled perceptions to formulate thoughts, reasons about or judge. That is such a completed issue for us to talk about, in my view thinking like a machine which keeps working all the time to give new ideas, ways and productions. Thus people must keep their thinking all the time otherwise like the machine was cut down the electricity, it wouldn’t be work any more and same as people, and without thinking they can not do many things.

  When we were children our parents and teachers always let us to thinking a lot because if you think more your brain will make you thinking better and better. And until now we realize that a good thinker will have a good development especially in this knowledgeable word. So, try to be good at thinking and be a good thinker! 


This semester we learned several thinking skills, for me I prefer some of these skills because by using them I feel happy during my learning process but there still have some skills I am not familiar with or I do not use often.

 For example, evaluating which is included in higher thinking skills that are always missed in my study. Usually, after I finishing my homework or an assignment I do a little work on evaluation but I pay attention on analyzing. In my mind, I always focus on how to complete my assignment; I used to feel like that if I do well in the process I will get the best result. But until now, I realized that evaluation is higher than analyzing, it means you need to check or assess your outcomes when you finishing your work because it couldn’t be perfect if you want to make it better or achieve a higher approach you must operate the step in time.

We all know that creating is the highest thinking skill; only after I achieve the lower thinking skills better I can have a good result in using the highest thinking skill- creating!

Reflection 1.

Creative and criticle thinking are two similar concepts in thinking skills, at first i can not distinguish them in a validity way, but after some reading, i identify some important information which related these two concepts.

In my view, creative thinking skills should be discussed based on critical thinking skills cause it is a more higher achievement. criticle thinking skills can help us to acquire those things that we never touch or learn. after we get some knowledge that related to our subject matter or specific areas then we can creat or construct something new.

Another point shoud be noticed is that criticle thinking skills always applying the accepted princinples but creative thinking skills also violat it.

These two thinking skills are very useful in our daily life especially for teacher to teach well, so we need to take chances for practice it.


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